Offering organic products. Organic plants, seeds, herbs, herbal tinctures, crafts, and educational organic gardening workshops.

We have farmed our land in Delaware over the last 40 years using both organic and biodynamic gardening methods without any pesticides or commercial chicken manure.

What We Offer

Check out our online store!  We have organically grown seasonal plants, seeds and nuts, dried foods, herbs and herbal medicines, tinctures, and one-of-a-kind heirloom crafts made with products from the gardens. We also offer one-on one educational gardening tours and specific training on composting, herbs and herbal remedies, homestead winemaking, and processing rabbit for meat and fur, on our farm in Delaware. Click on the category icons below to access items in our store.

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Live plants are only shipped March/April and October/November.

Please contact Sharon at 302-846-2571 for appointment, questions, and directions. No texts.

A few comments ...

Gorgeous By: Cristine

“I ordered Alpine strawberry plants, nettle plant, gooseberry plants and miscellaneous seeds. All were stunning, well grown and packaged. I immediately ordered more from this fine seller.”

Satisfied Customer

From: Mel L.

I ordered Perennial Leek plants; the plants arrived in a timely manner (about 6 days during the holiday rush); the plants were well packaged and the soil/roots were still moist. Sharon has been an excellent source of knowledge, willing to answer my questions and offer organic gardening suggestions. I will make additional purchases when the items I am interested in become available. I appreciate Sharon’s mentorship and look forward to learning more from her.

from previous customers...

Wonderful experience : “I purchased seeds from Sharon and it was a wonderful experience. You won’t get this kind of service from a corporate seed company. You really can feel the love that goes into her labor. Her shipping was fast, and her selection is great!…”

We look forward to hearing from you too!



Dried Foods & Nuts

Herbs & Herbal Medicines

Handmade crafts with products from the garden

About Sharon

When I was a child, I followed my Swiss immigrant grandmother around while she taught me about skills like using a scythe, making sauerkraut, her own clothes, yodeling, butchering animals, and telling stories from the Old Country. I was always drawn to saving seed and using plants for healing. It is my belief that the healthiest food is grown fresh in the garden using only organic and biodynamic gardening methods. I grew up on a local farm and have gardened for 50 years. 

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Homesteading Workshops 

Experience an opportunity for hands-on learning of basic homesteading and survival gardening skills.

We will not be offering any indoor group classes until the pandemic is over, but we will be hosting some outdoor  educational classes for individuals in a safe outdoor environment. If interested please email me. We are hosting a Wild Basket making class on Saturday, November 6th. See below for details.

These are some of the classes available now, and a few we hope to make available as soon as we can safely provide them to the public.

Check out some of our previous workshop videos on our
YouTube channel here!

Basket Weaving

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 2022 11:30 – 4:30
Make your own unique wild basket from materials gathered from the gardens. $60 for 5-hour class (must pre-register) with half hour lunch break. I will host my “WILD ” basket classes every weekend all winter (1st and 3rd Saturdays or 2nd and 4th Sundays.) Class size limited to 6/class. Refreshments served, all materials provided. Materials are gathered fresh from my gardens and we weave in my kitchen around a woodstove. Classes must be prepaid and not refundable . Follow up help included in the classes.Purchase your class here https://sharonsnaturalgardens.com/product/wild-basket-weaving-class/

Seed Saving

$20 for 1-2 hours will require pre-registration … all outside.. social distancing… small classes.

Canning & Food Preservation

$20 for 1-2 hours will require pre-registration … all outside.. social distancing… small classes.

Garden Consultations

$50 consultations at your home. Local only within 20 miles.

How We Grow

We have gardened our homestead in Delaware over the last 40 years using both organic and biodynamic gardening methods, without any chemicals or commercial manure. Most importantly, we create our own biodynamic compost using our horses manure. In addition, we use seaweed, rock powders, do soil testing, and plant cover crops.

Want to learn more about what we do and why? Sign up for a Garden Tour. Purchase a $20 donation for a Garden Tour here.

Other store locations

You can also find our organic plants, seeds, herbs, herbal tinctures, and crafts on Local Harvest.org.

Speciality Items: Handmade Crafts and Baskets

We offer unique wild crafted handwoven baskets and other handmade products sourced from our farm and handmade by Sharon.

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