Join us and Be
a Friend of
the Gardens


We are looking for local folks that are within driving distance of Delmar, Delaware who want to get involved in the local food movement and participate in an organic gardening community. Membership is FREE!

Join us and Be a Friend of the Gardens!
We are practicing health guidelines for social distancing and safety.

As a Friend of the Gardens you will:

1. Be a part of a gardening community that wants to grow, and eat, locally grown, nutritious, chemical free foods.

2. Have opportunities to learn how to grow chemical free organic food, how to make your own compost, how to harvest and preserve your food, and learn the ancient art of seed saving.

3. Be able to purchase or barter for a wide variety of fresh produce, fruit, and herbs available from the gardens at their peak of freshness and flavor.

4. If you purchase any products from our website and pick up at the gardens we will provide you with a 10% credit of additional items from the gardens.

If you are interested in opportunities to learn specific gardening  skills, such as seed starting, planting, pruning, and other gardening tasks, just let us know what your interests are.

You can also sign up for classes and participate in a variety of workshops provided on a seasonal basis such as Homestead Wine Making, Herbal Workshops, Canning, and Composting classes.

For more information please call me at 302-846-2571 and leave a message. I do not receive text messages.


If you are interested in becoming a Friend of the Garden, doing a garden tour, or volunteer work, please download and complete the following forms to bring with you.

If you would like more information about the gardens we recommend you take a 1 hour Garden Tour. Find out more about what we do and why.

Check out this video of a few of our friends at a recent gathering of the Friends of the Gardens sharing their experience at Sharon’s Natural Gardens…

Beyond Organic

We have gardened our homestead in Delaware over the last 40 years using both organic and biodynamic gardening methods, without any chemicals or commercial manure. Most importantly, we create our own biodynamic compost using our horses manure. In addition, we use seaweed, rock powders, do soil testing, and plant cover crops.

Sign Up to Be A Friend of the Gardens

Get involved in your local food movement… Membership is FREE! We do recommend that you take a garden tour for only $20 to get an introduction to the gardens.  

As a Friend of the Gardens you will learn how to garden and grow your own chemical free organic food, learn how to harvest, preserve, and save seeds. You will have the opportunity to visit the gardens and purchase or barter from a wide selection of fresh produce, fruit, and herbs available from the gardens at their peak of freshness and flavor. Includes rare, open pollinated varieties not available in any local market, often grown from my own seeds.

Simply fill out the sign up form below, and let us know you are interested. We will contact you and arrange a time when we can discuss how you would like to participate.

We look forward to seeing you soon!


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Be a Friend of the Gardens

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