Here is a recent photo of me with my dog Freeda and the team of white horses (Rosemary and Sage) born and raised here. The horses provide the wastes to make my compost which is the main fertility in my gardens. Freeda is my guard dog, greeter, herder and I swear she understands English.

This will be my 43rd year having a garden here. The horses are not worked or ridden but are the heart of the garden. I have experimented over the years trying to sell to restaurants, do farmers markets and small CSA’s (Community Supported Agriculture where local people prepay for a share of the harvest). At this time of pandemic many are exploring buying local foods as well a starting gardens for the first time.

I am toying with a small CSA (4 – 6 people) if I can find up to 6 locals who are a good fit. I would charge $500 for the season from May 1st till November 1st with 3 weeks off during the season as needed for a break… that would be about 27 weeks at about $22/week. People interested in learning how to garden could volunteer to help at no additional charge. I also can offer one-on-one classes for $20/hour for those who can’t join or volunteer. This opportunity is for locals who know they can commit to weekly pickups and are able to prepay as well as be flexible in using whatever the garden is producing. I will try to grow what folks ask for but no guarantees. Extra foods can be preserved for the future and I will instruct on how to do that.

There are many production farms out there that do not grow like I do and offer a different experience. I am interested in working with people in harmony with the way I grow who want to support it and or learn from it. Each person would have their own time to pick up and or work here and we will always be outside and social distanced.

Please do let me know if you are interested :)Sharon