Bitter Orange Marmalade-4oz.jar


Bitter orange marmalade made with my fruits – Whole fruit marmalade grown in my organic greenhouse and made with low sugar content.

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It took me over 15 years to start getting fruits from these trees I grew from seed  in my organic/biodynamic gardens in southern Delaware. I make my own compost with my own animal manures and use no chemicals here for over 45 years now . The whole fruit minus the seed is used with just a little cane sugar to sweeten it.  It is cooked down on my wood cookstove in my kitchen . There are many health benefits of  bitter oranges .They are high in vit c and bio-flavonoids,  good for digestion ,anti-inflammatory and anti -viral . I use them in cocktails, smoothies ,baked goods, marinaides and salad dressings .I also sell and use the tinctures I make with the fruits .