Chinese Wild Yam Cinnamon Vine Seed (12 Small Tubers)


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This wild Chinese yam is also called air potato has edible tubers on the vines in the fall More protein, less starch than potatoes. This is an easy to grow perennial vine that will cover a trellis or arbor in no time with its heart shaped shiny leaves. It produces aerial tubers in the fall. I have found some small tubers underground. I like it for its fast growing ability to cover an arbor to create shade. It grows well in the south in hot, humid climates. They are easy to grow in sun and part shade -just plant them when danger of frost is past. You can cook the tubers or use them for animal food. I like to sautee them in a bit of olive oil in a cast iron pan. They taste like water chestnuts. These can become invasive. The best way to manage them is to plant in tubs or a grassy spot that gets mowed and keep the tubers harvested and the area around them mowed. They can also be grown in tubs with a trellis of bamboo.


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