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This heirloom is well known for being one of the tastiest of all heirlooms. It is a large slicing tomato that produces well. This is my first year offering the well known Brandywine tomato. I have grown it and liked it in the past so thought I should add it to my collection of tomatoes. It is large and pink/red with a sweetness to the flesh that many love. I find most of the fruit marketable with little cracking. The flavor in taste testings is unsurpassed. Many people love a large slicer that will cover a sandwich. This is one of the best. Use a strong trellis with this one, as the vines bear many large fruits that need support. I use livestock wire and weave the plants through the wire as they grow. I plant beans with them as it is a good companion. Our plants get lots of homemade biodynamic compost as well as trace minerals such as azomite and seaweeds giving them wonderful taste and keeping qualities.


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