Berries – Gooseberry


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These are native fruit shrubs that need no sprays and produce abundant sweet fruit for fresh eating or jams. Two plants 6-12″ tall. We have grown these here for 25 years and they have never missed a season giving us sweet/ tart fruit. They are nice as a hedge or in a large planter. They have thorns but I find they are tastier than the varieties without thorns as those are sour. There are sweet and the size of a nickel. The darker the berry the sweeter they are. The lighter ones are more tart. We make jellies, jams and wine with them. We also sell them fresh in mid- June. They come into production after the spring strawberries and raspberries are done but before blackberries come in. This is a wonderful, native food that our grandparents ate but you won’t find in stores or many markets. No insects or disease problems. These are easy to grow and may produce the first year you plant them. Plants are bare root – shipped in spring or fall.


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