Wine Berry Plants (5)


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These are 12 inch rooted plants from our farm planting. The fragrance is delicious and they are edible. Bare root spring/fall. I got these about 5 years ago from a commercial store called a purple raspberry but they were mislabled. They are actually wine berries. They are so easy to grow and are nice along the edge of a woods. The canes are fussy with thorns but not so thorny as blackberries. The berries are tart and shiny red, shaped a bit like black raspberries. They bear right after black raspberries in the spring so are good for succession berry plantings. They would make a unique jam, syrup or garnish.
They are shipped in packs of 5 rooted cuttings. It took a few years to establish a 30 ft. row from one plant. They are best pruned and trellised for ease of harvest and production. I apply compost and shredded leaves for mulch.


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