Stinging Nettle plants (15)


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Nettle plants spread like mint. We ship freshly dug bare roots suitable for transplanting into beds or pots. Everyone needs their own nettle patch! This is a wonderful and useful plant both as a soil builder, plant fertilizer, tea for your health or cooking herb. The best time to order these plants is in the spring, when they first emerge March/ April. In winter, I hold your order till I can dig the plants . In summer, I clip back the plants and ship the plants with root system .Keep well watered and shaded till plants are established . In the heat of summer, I ship plugs I have started or hold the order till fall . Wear gloves when planting and harvesting nettle. After cooking, the plant loses its sting. To keep it from spreading, do not allow it to go to seed unless you want the seeds which also have medicinal uses( as do the roots.)
Nettle builds humus in soil so is a great addition to your compost pile without needing any animal manures. Nettle will grow up to 5 feet tall unless you keep it picked. It has many nutritive medicinal qualities and is an excellent starter feed for poultry. Check out a book “101 uses for Stinging Nettle” from England.


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